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Hi guys! This is something I am passionate about. It’s about changing lives through natural 100% plant based medicine. I wouldn’t be telling you about it if I haven’t tried it, or seen results, and all the miracle stories are just amazing!

There are three sets of wellness products that I sell and am an advocate for;Brizio Pure Suthe CBD, Tranont Health enzymes, and Icaria liquid glow collagen.

First of all, the results my clients and I have been seeing and feeling are truly amazing! The reason I started getting interested or even heard about Tranont wellness was from my client, Tammy Meyer, who was taking Icaria liquid collagen. She told me about it but it wasn’t until four months later we saw the results for our own eyes. Her hair growth was unbelievable. Over four inches of growth in just four months! I usually take progress pictures for all of my hair extension clients to track how their natural hair is still healthy and growing. So I showed Tammy her before and after picture and she couldn’t even believe it. Now here we are, changing lives, and that’s just one of the amazing products offered!

Now that was just one amazing story about the liquid collagen. Tranont Health has enzymes to help your body heal better and function better, and Brizio Pure Suthe CBD helps with a plethora of ailments but most commonly known for its aid in relieving pain and anxiety. Using the products in combination that these two companies provide…I can’t begin to tell you how exciting the results can be. So many people are treating things such as kidney failure, insomnia, pain, anxiety, and so much more!

While these are natural products, I always recommend checking with your healthcare professional to make sure they won’t interfere with anything else you might be taking in the pharmaceutical realm. There are some things you may have to take in this realm but limiting them would be beneficial.

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