Your Guide on Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are trending now more than ever. There are so many types of hair and installation methods, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming. The method you chose or the method that may be recommended to you at your consultation greatly depends on your hair type and lifestyle. Follow these tips to learn where to start with getting extensions and how to get the most out of them.

1. Quality is a must!

Hair is not something you want to go cheap on. Find yourself a good hair stylist who has access to top-notch luxury hair. Bold City Hair thrives on staying up to date in the industry by offering clients the latest hair extension methods on the market. Not only does cheap hair look cheap and unnatural, it doesn’t last!

2. Find a Good Hairstylist

Please don’t book an appointment with a hairstylist just because he/she is inexpensive. In the hair industry, inexpensive equals inexperienced. When searching for your perfect hairstylist, really do your research. Does your friend have bangin’ hair? Ask her who does it. Look on Instagram and Yelp. Social media is your best friend when hairstylist hunting!

3. Follow Home Care Instructions

See my blog ‘Care for your hair’ for specifics. If you scroll to the top menu you will see “Blog” , click on that and scroll to the Care for your Hair blog. This includes keeping them tangle free, braids before bed, keeping them moisturized and getting them moved up every 6-8 weeks to prevent damage to your natural hair. You can also find a blog I wrote with some research on ‘best and worst foods for healthy hair.’

4. Invest in Professional Products

Would you put regular oil in your Mercedes Benz? Or how about regular gas? Of course not! It would ruin the engine and the car. The same goes for hair extensions. It is important to have quality products to prolong the life of your hair extensions. You might as well throw your new hair in the trash if you’re using $3 shampoo full of sulfates from CVS, or even expired products. My personal favorite product lines are by Davines. A small Italian company that started in Parma, Italy in 1983. They thrive on beauty + sustainability with ethically sourced ingredients and cruelty free.

5. Don’t forget to Brush!

That may sound funny, but when you have hair extensions it is sooo important  that you keep them tangle and matt-free. Be sure to use an extension friendly hair brush. The Wet Brush is great for detangling the ends, but if you want to go a little further get yourself a Mason Pearson hair brush. When brushing through your extensions, hold them by the bond (close to your scalp) to keep from tugging on your own hair, or pulling on the extensions.

Up by your scalp where your natural and extension hair meet, you should use a comb to work out any knots that may have formed. This is extremely important for preventing matting.

6. Sun, Pollution, and Chlorine, Oh my!

Hair extensions don’t grow from your scalp, so they won’t get the same nutrients and oils that your skin naturally produces. The sun, ocean and swimming pool can really dry your hair extensions out. The upside? You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) shampoo them daily. The awesome thing about hand-tied extensions is that there is no glue involved, so you don’t have to worry about hair products breaking down the bonds or tape. Lather those beautiful tresses in hair oils and heavy conditioners to your heart’s content. If you’re going for a swim, I always say apply a moisturizing product prior to water contact. Your hair is a sponge, control what it absorbs. Braid your hair to prevent tangling during your swim and comb out immediately after. Avoid sunscreens with the ingredient avobenzone as it can cause the extensions to turn pinky/orange in tone.

7. Schedule Regular Appointments

The initial cost of extensions may be an investment, but maintenance appointments cost significantly less. Your maintenance visits are important to the health of your natural hair, therefore you should expect to book an appointment every 6-8 weeks to have your extensions moved up. If you decide you want to take them out, don’t wait for more than 8 weeks to do so. When there is too much regrowth between your scalp and the extensions, your hair is free to move and intertwine causing a matted jungle of destroyed hair. It’s not pretty.

8. People Get Extensions for a Reason

Extensions are an amazing tool to beautifully enhance or even transform your hair. Hair extensions are known to add length and volume, but did you know that they can be used to produce different results? Some people use them to add color without changing their natural hair color. Some use it for thickness, and some people use them to fill in gaps they may have while growing out a short haircut, or to achieve an angle. Extensions have come a long way from the time that they were first introduced and with so many options I promise to blow you away!


~ Methods & Pricing ~

 Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions was created specifically to solve three major problems encountered with other Sew-in methods on the market. IBE is by far the least invasive method on the market today and my preferred method of installing hair extensions.

Invisible Bead Extensions are installed in such a way that leaves minimal tension to your natural hair. A support row is installed, and then the wefts are installed in a specific manner so that the finish is the most seamless.

1. Helps prevent damage to the clients hair and scalp from tension, and unsystematic installs.

2. Eliminates discomfort due to the contact of beads on the scalp and the common “clamp and crank” beading approach.

3. Styling versatility which means no more exposed bonds, beads, or braids when wearing your hair up. You can have an instant high ponytail after your very first install with no discomfort!

Invisible Hair Extensions do not use sticky tape, glues, adhesives, or visible beads. With Invisible Hair Extensions there is no contact between your scalp and the beads, making them comfortable to wear and less irritating to the scalp.

Original Sew-in Method

Hand Tied Extensions are where the Hand-Tied wefts of hair are added to your hair by installing a support row of beads and then sewing all the wefts together to your natural hair. Particulars on methods may vary from one brand to another and this is why it’s important to find the right stylist for you.

There are ‘Hand-Tied’ wefts, genius wefts, and machine wefts. Machine wefts are cut specifically to match each clients head shape and is much thicker at the weft line whereas hand tied wefts are thinner but cannot be cut anywhere along the weft and must be folded to fit the clients head instead. Genius wefts are a perfect blend of the two. You can cut anywhere along the weft line and is also still thinner so it can be layered and still comfortable for the guest.

The average amount of wefts are 8-12 in each head if you’re trying to achieve length, and two rows. The hand tied extensions last about 6-8 weeks before you will need to get them adjusted, but also depends on the growth rate of your own hair. The hair itself, if bought from a high quality supplier, will last approximately 8 months. This is by far the least invasive method of hair extensions to be used on your hair in the market today, and with maximum coverage.

I am a certified Invisible Bead Extensions Elite Artist, SILX global Hand Tied Hair Extension Artist & Educator, Certified with Platform hair extensions as well as 2 X Certified with DreamCatchers Hair Extensions for multiple (4) methods. I am also a retailer for many brands.

Rachel uses only the highest quality of luxury hand tied extensions on the market. If you have a specific brand you would like to use, be sure to let Rachel know. Rachel has spent years trying different brands and suppliers and can make the best recommendations based on your specific hair type and needs. She only uses 100% Remy human hair in the higher end of luxury hair extensions to ensure they last as long as possible. Rachel has also created her own line of hair extensions, BCH Extensions. This name was inspired by her salon Bold City Hair.

          IMG_3509Bold City Hair. Hand Tied. 10/2018


  • Prices for hand-tied weft extensions, initial purchase/installation average service starts at $1000 (includes 8 wefts for 18″, 6 wefts for 22″)
  • A deposit of half is required upon scheduling your appointment, the remainder due at the time of the service
  • After your initial hair purchase, you only pay for your maintenance installation rate of the original Hand Tied method, plus the cost of the hair, and color.
  • One row install rates are $300
  • Two row install rates are $400
  • Three row install rates are $500
  • An average head will require 8-12 wefts depending on the desired length and fullness and are usually dispersed into two rows.
  • Shorter and less dense looks can be achieved with less wefts. So it’s always important to proceed first with a consultation. The more hair you have the more hair is required for blending purposes.
  • Maintenance visits are every 6-8 weeks on average, but everyone’s growth rate is is different. For the most part, I do not recommend waiting longer than that for your maintenance.
  • The hair will last about 8 months give or take DEPENDING ON HOW WELL IT IS TAKEN CARE OF, so you should only need to purchase hair once or twice a year
  • Plus your cost of color, cut, and style


Also called ‘hot fusion’ or keratin bonds. The original strand by strand hair extension system. Fusion bonds consist of the extension strands and the natural hair being blended together by the use of a heated applicator and the pre-applied keratin glued tip. The resin is gently rolled to form a hard, cylindrical bond or ‘seal.’

Strand-by-strand hair extensions create a free-flowing hairstyle, exactly like your natural hair and therefore enables your scalp to ‘breath.’ Since a lot of individual hair extensions are applied, each one is virtually weightless, ensuring that the natural hair is not overloaded with too much weight. This prevents the weakening of the hair and breakage.

Professional luxury hair extensions are designed to be equally balanced with your natural hair, and are applied on a weight for weight ratio, which prevents causing tension on your hair and scalp. By applying lots of individual strands this allows the extensions to be distributed evenly over the head, and limits the possibility of causing any tension or damage to the natural hair.



Fusion bonds Pricing:

  • Prices for fusion bonded extensions, initial purchase/installation service starts at
  • $600 for 14”
    • $800 for 16”
    • $1000 for 18”
    • $1200 for 20”
    • $1400 for 22”
    • $1600 for 24”
  • A deposit of half will be required upon scheduling your appointment
  • Prices for initial install include the hair and installation
  • An average head will require 100-180 strands depending on the desired look
  • Maintenance visits are every 6-8 weeks and typically last 2-3 months. They are not reusable after that. You will need to get a removal and re-installation and purchase new hair
  • Removals cost $50 per half hour as a service a la carte or
  • Removal with re-installation costs $300 plus the cost of your new hair.
  • On average, your new hair will cost approximately $200-$500 depending on the length and amount.
  • Therefore your maintenance costs will range from approximately $500-800 (install+hair)
  • Plus your cost of color, cut, and style


Also called micro-ring, micro-link, and beads. The second invention of strand by strand hair extension application after fusion bonds, are 3mm (ideal for finer hair), 4mm or 5mm rings (ideal for medium or thick hair). These are placed between the natural hair and the extension strand and pressed together securely. The hair extension connections are coated soft copper rings, 100% non-damaging when applied and removed correctly and specifically designed for the safe application of professional hair extensions.


DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

I-Tip Pricing:

  • Prices for I-tip beaded extensions initial purchase/installation services starts at approximately $700-$1,500; will depend on desired look and length.
  • A deposit of half is required upon scheduling your appointment, the remainder is due at the time of the service.
  • The average amount of packs per head is 5, depending on the desired length and fullness
  • Each pack is $150 (20″ Straight) plus beads at $4 per pack
  • Maintenance visits are every 4-6 weeks. Every other visit you will get either an adjustment; where your beads with extensions are moved back up close to your scalp, or a removal and re-install; where your hair extensions and beads are completely removed from your head and reinstalled using slightly different placing so as not to stress the same strands of hair.
  • Adjustments cost $110 per hour (and usually takes an hour), Re-installations cost $300 (usually takes approximately 2 hours.)
  • The hair will last a year so you will only need to purchase once per year.
  • Plus your cost of color, cut, and style

Tape In

Tape-In Hair Extensions are comfortably secured by a non-slip, medical grade adhesive. The tabs stay locked in place until ready to be removed. Made of 100% Remy Human Hair, Tape-In Extensions offer a variety of lengths and beautiful colors that will provide you with the luxurious hair you’ve always wanted.



Tape-In Extensions:

  • Prices for tape-in extensions, initial purchase/installation service starts at
  • $500 for 14”
  • $700 for 16”
  • $900 for 18”
  • $1100 for 20”
  • $1300 for 22”
  • $1500 for 24”
  • A deposit of half will be required upon scheduling your appointment
  • Prices for initial install include the hair and installation
  • An average head will require 3-8 packs depending on the desired look
  • Maintenance visits are every 6-8 weeks. They are not reusable after that. You will need to get a removal and re-installation and purchase new hair
  • Removals cost $50 per half hour as a service a la carte or
  • Removal with re-installation costs $350 plus the cost of your new hair.
  • Install a la carte $300
  • On average, your new hair will cost approximately $200-$500 depending on the length and amount.
  • Therefore your maintenance costs will range from approximately $400-700 (install+hair)
  • Plus your cost of color, cut, and style

Hair Pieces

Achieve longer and thicker hair in a matter of seconds! This is a temporary option that is great by itself or in addition to other hair extension methods.  HALOCOUTURE® revolutionized the world of Extensions with The Original HALO®. Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the HALO® will transform your hair in a matter of seconds. This innovative extension is non-damaging and virtually undetectable.


Every HALO® is made with 100% Remy Human Hair.
• HALO® Extensions are coated with a protective Keratin Seal for soft and silky results.
• The Original HALO® instantly transforms your hair with added length and volume.

FEATURES• 100% Remy Human Hair
• Grams Equivalent to a Full Head of Hair
• Color Safe, Deposit Only
• Heat Safe, Up to 360˚F
• Comb and Extra Miracle Wire Included
• Non-DamagingBENEFITS• Add Instant Length
• Add Instant Volume
• Blends Seamlessly
• Enhance or Add Color
• Low Maintenance

HaloCouture® Hair pieces Pricing:

  • Depending on how often the piece is being worn as well as the care given to the HaloCouture® Extensions, it should be lasting one year or longer. Being that this is a Human Hair product there is not a guaranteed time frame that the HALO® Extension  will last. This is an estimate based on the best quality care being given to the HALO® Extension.
  • I do not charge to show you how to install your Halo® upon receiving it
  • Additional style help can be provided upon request and costs $50 per half hour session
  • Your Halo® can be worn day -to-day or for special occasions
  • Care for your hair pieces just as you would your own hair so that is lasts as long as possible!
  • More info can be found on the HaloCouture® website at http://halocouture.com/couture-extensions/
  • Prices for HaloCouture® hair pieces:

  • Original Halo
  • 12” $300
  • 16” $350
  • 20” 460
  • 24” 540

  • Original Halo Balayage
  • 12” $420
  • 16” 470
  • 20” $580
  • 24” $660

  • Layered Halo
  • 14” $430
  • 18” $480
  • 22” $580

  • Layered Balayage
  • 14” $550
  • 18” $600
  • 22” $700

  • The Fall
  • 16” $540

  • The Ponytail
  • 16” $300

  • HaloCouture® tape-in extensions (10/pack=5 sandwiches)Original Tapes (per pack)
  • 12” $125
  • 16” $150
  • 20” $175

  • Rooted Tapes (per pack)
  • 12” $140
  • 16” $165
  • 20” $190

  • Balayage Tapes (per pack)
  • 12” $150
  • 16” $175
  • 20” $200

  • Prisim Colors16” only and $100 (per pack of 12=6 sandwiches)
  • HaloCouture® Flat iron$250
  • HaloCouture® Hair Care Kit$80
  • HaloCouture® Curling iron$100


Questions on Pricing?

Still have questions? Would you like to schedule a complimentary consultation? The best bet is to call or text Rachel at 904-228-3310 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

All clients will be required to put a non-refundable deposit of half down when booking appointments for hair extension services.

Now easier to have multiple colors for the perfect blend with SILX Global.


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