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Bold City Hair thrives on staying up to date in the industry by offering clients the latest semi-permanent hair extension methods on the market. Bold City Hair has absolute confidence that these methods of application provide the safest and most natural looking hair extensions. Bold City Hair extensions are extremely comfortable, they do not feel heavy and you should barely be able to sense they are there!

The method you chose or the method that may be recommended to you at consultation stage greatly depends on your hair type.

Hand tied extensions

By far the least invasive method on the market today! Hand-Tied Extensions are where the wefts of hand tied hair are added to your hair by beading and then hand-tying the wefts to your natural hair. The average amount of wefts are 10-16 in each head if you’re trying to achieve length, and two rows. The hand tied extensions last about 6-8 weeks, but it depends on the growth rate of your own hair. This is by far the least invasive method of hair extensions to be used on your hair in the market today with maximum coverage. I am a certified Platform Hair Extension Specialist and Habit Hair extension method member.




Also called ‘hot fusion‘ or keratin bonds. The original strand by strand hair extension system, fusion bonds consist of the extension strand and the natural hair being blended together by the use of a heated applicator and the pre-applied keratin glued tip. The resin is gently rolled to form a hard, cylindrical bond or ‘seal.’ Very secure hold and great for grease-prone and fine hair.

Strand-by-strand hair extensions create a free-flowing hairstyle, exactly like your natural hair and therefore enables your scalp to ‘breath.’ Since lots of individual hair extensions are applied, each one is virtually weightless, ensuring that the natural hair is not overloaded with too much weight. This prevents the weakening of the hair and breakage.

Professional hair extensions are designed to be equally balanced with your natural hair, and are applied on a weight for weight ratio, which prevents causing tension on your hair and scalp. By applying lots of individual strands this allows the extensions to be distributed evenly over the head, and limits the possibility of causing any tension or damage to the natural hair.




Also called micro-ring, micro-link, and beads. The second invention of strand by strand hair extension application after fusion bonds, are 3mm (ideal for finer hair), 4mm or 5mm rings (ideal for medium or thick hair). These are placed between the natural hair and the extension strand and pressed together securely. The hair extension connections are coated soft copper rings, 100% non-damaging when applied and removed correctly and specifically designed for the safe application of professional hair extensions. Very secure hold and great for medium-thick and dry hair. 


DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Tape In

Tape-In Extensions are comfortably secured by a non-slip, medical grade adhesive. The tabs stay locked in place until ready to be removed. Made of 100% Remy Human Hair, Tape-In Extensions offer a variety of lengths and beautiful colors that will provide you with the luxurious hair you’ve always wanted.



Hair Pieces

Achieve longer and thicker hair in a matter of seconds! This is a temporary option that is great by itself or in addition to other hair extension methods.  HALOCOUTURE® revolutionized the world of Extensions with The Original HALO®. Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the HALO® will transform your hair in a matter of seconds. This innovative extension is non-damaging and virtually undetectable.


Every HALO® is made with 100% Remy Human Hair.
• HALO® Extensions are coated with a protective Keratin Seal for soft and silky results.
• The Original HALO® instantly transforms your hair with added length and volume.


• 100% Remy Human Hair
• Grams Equivalent to a Full Head of Hair
• Color Safe, Deposit Only
• Heat Safe, Up to 360˚F
• Comb and Extra Miracle Wire Included
• Non-Damaging


• Add Instant Length
• Add Instant Volume
• Blends Seamlessly
• Enhance or Add Color
• Low Maintenance

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