Scalp Health & Types of Hair Loss

We pretty much all struggle with some form of hair loss, some are worse than others and some don’t even know it. I cannot stress enough how important scalp health is. Without a clean and healthy scalp and care you will most likely experience some sort of issue, or possibly even develop another.

It’s important to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month, or more depending on how much product you use or maybe even how much you’re outside exposed to all the environmental debris. A clarifying shampoo will strip away all the dirt, oils, environmental debris, product buildup et cetera so that your scalp can breathe, free and clear. I suggest when using a clarifying to follow up with a deep conditioning hair mask to replenish the moisture that gets striped away.

Let’s get into some of the stages of hair loss…

This falls under an auto immune condition
This is the most common type of hair loss
COVID hair loss falls under this category

Don’t fret! There is something here to help for some of the types of hair loss. Remember, I don’t diagnose but can recommend based off of my experiences.

I use and recommend GoldieLocks supplements. This is the only supplement I know of that has all four different types of collagen in it in addition to multi vitamin ingredients and herb ingredients. I cannot stress enough how amazing this product is and actually works if you use it and take the recommended dose. Within 30 days you’ll see baby hairs coming in, and 90 days you’ll see significant results. The longer you take it the better and honestly should take forever. We all age and as we age the collagen pulls out more along with other things so we have to do more to replenish those things that make us look and feel young. Collagen is great for not only your hair but also your bones, joints, skin, and nails. There are four types; bovine, marine, eggshell, and chicken. Here is a list of the ingredients of the goldielocks supplements as well as a comparison to other competitors.

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