Your Summer Hair Care Guide

In Florida, Summer is basically here all the time with the exception for maybe three months. We are always at the beach! With warmer weather, beach days, and sunshine also comes lighter hair! We wanted to put together a little guide so you are better prepared to care for you summer tresses.

With everyone typically wanting to go lighter may come some damage. The heat will hit you everywhere including driving in the car. We wanted to give some tips on products to care for your hair during these times. We have always loved our Davines products. Davines has TONS of great products to care for your hair but one of our go-to products is in their Oi line called Oi All In-One Milk. Before going out in the sun or in the pool or ocean, spray this into your hair to allow for your hair to soak up the good stuff instead of the drying chlorine water or salt water. The Davines Oi Milk is super moisturizing and is a great protectant, in addition to its many other benefits. We also love the Keratin Complex Keratin Obsessed spray. This all in one spray has 30 nourishing benefits to help repair and protect your hair. It is formulated with hydro lined silk amino acids and coconut oil to help moisturize, strengthen, eliminate frizz, and repair your hair.

Summertime can be hard on your extensions so it is important to prepare and take care of them and your investment. If you are going be swimming with your extensions, follow some of these tips to help protect and keep your hair safe:

1. Wet your hair with regular water

2. Add a generous amount of your leave-in product of choice (maybe some of the ones mentioned above).

3. Put your hair into a braid before getting into the water. We suggest pulling it back into a ponytail and securing it with a ponytail holder or scrunchie, braiding it, then securing it again at the bottom with another holder. This way it prevents the braid from bunching at the top and forming knots.

4. After swimming, be sure to squeeze the excess water out from your hair (Not rubbing causing friction)

5. Use a clarifying shampoo and highly moisturizing conditioner afterwards.

6. Add in your leave in product of choice again

7. Thoroughly brush through, lifting your rows and brushing each row thoroughly. Be sure to keep clear of the tops of your wefts.


Most sunscreens contain chemicals that may discolor your hair extensions, turning them orange or pinky tones. The most common of these ingredients are Octocrylene and Avobenzone. Instead of using sunscreens with these ingredients in them opt for mineral sunscreens like SunBum Mineral Sunscreen. This will help avoid discoloration of your hair extensions.

Have fun! Summer is when we can all let loose a little bit and free our minds of daily life. Be sure to check back in to stay up to date on our blog and other news.

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