I’ve gone to Rachel two times now and each time I leave feeling AMAZING. I have wanted a deep auburn color for some years now, but wasn’t sure I could trust just any stylist considering I have more ethnic hair. After the first session I was concerned my hair would turn orange when fading, but it ended up a light rose gold sort of color that I LOVED. This past appointment she really toned and highlighted with an amazing red and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I also suffer from dandruff from time to time because of how often I heat treat my hair. She recommended a product that is supposed to get rid of the problem as opposed to masking it. As soon as she put it on my scalp I felt a relief that I have not felt from any other product. She has great tips for hair products as well as an excellence for leaving you feeling beautiful with silky smooth hair. Definitely recommend her!

-Kyessa G.