Are store bought hair products just as good as professional products?

No! There’s a reason hair products that are sold inside those neighborhood stores and drugstores are so much cheaper.

I always tell my clients this, first of all, all products have a shelf life. Once that shelf life is expired they are usually then sold to these neighborhood stores at discounted rates. They are no longer as potent or as useful as they should be or once were. Also, they use harsher chemicals and ingredients, which is no bueno. They leave layers of buildup all over your hair and you’ll end up having to buy more products, spending more money, to remove the buildup.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on professional hair products. Yes there are different price levels to products but don’t they always say, you get what you pay for? Professional products might cost a little more, but they will help to maintain your investment, your hair. Everything from hair cutting, coloring, to extensions cost money. So why not get the most of your investments by taking care of them to get the longevity you desire.

Some product lines I recommend are Bumble and bumble and Davines.

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