The Circle Chronicles

I find that so often many people come to the salon and pay good money to have their hair how they like it, but then they will go home and use their products they bought from Publix, Walgreens, target, Sephora and even amazon. I won’t lie! I’m guilty of amazon shopping for nearly everything, but my hair products are not one of them. If you spend good money on your hair why not use professional products to ensure longer lasting results and maintain the integrity at home? You wouldn’t put regular gas in your Mercedes Benz would you?…

The great thing about Davines is that they have created the perfect solution for dull, dry, damaged hair in an affordable way for you to use at home. (Or a pampering in salon service). The line is called The Circle Chronicles and includes five different masks that are great for multi masking too!

Just like the face, the hair has different zones each with different needs. Multi masking is the combination of different hair masks on the three main areas; scalp, length, ends. So several specific hair and scalp needs can be addressed in one session.

Here’s the line up. Quick fix is literally a quick fix and only sets for 3 minutes. Your hair will be hydrated and smooth in no time. Second, the spotlight circle. This mask give extraordinary shine and is great for special events. You will leave this mask on for at least ten minutes. Third, the renaissance mask. This mask repairs damaged hair, restores health, shine and softness and also sets for ten minutes. Fourth, the wake up circle. This mask can go on the scalp as well as length and ends and sets for ten minutes. It gives the Hair new energy and volume for stressed hair and scalp. It contains rhodiola extract which has rebalancing and anti stress properties. Lastly, the purity circle. This mask can also go on the scalp, length and ends and sets for ten minutes. It purifies the hair and scalp from impurities from pollution, heavy metals or free radicals.

Each of these masks contain natural active ingredients such as matcha tea extract in the purity circle for neutralizing free radicals or yellow clay which has a restoring action.

Take care of your hair at home with these great masks!

All of these masks can be applied at the salon or at home.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask! Drop me a line below.

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