Protect your hair from the sun

Much of the beauty industry is dedicated to sun protection for the skin but preventative measures for hair are often overlooked. Hair is just as important and sun exposure can cause long term damage to your hair without becoming noticeable until it’s too late.

The sun gets to you from everywhere! Even if you aren’t in the sun a lot or at the beach. When you’re driving in the car, you are not as protected from the sun like you would think. When you get your hair done and you come back six weeks later for a touch up, your hair has most likely lightened a bit, and it is just from the sun! Sometimes you may have to use a toner to tone the hair back down to its desired tone.

It is so important to use products to protect your hair. Why spend all that money to get the hair you want to have it change your desires tone or even damage it from the sun. This is why products are important. I always tell my clients to put something in their hair to protect it, especially if you wear hair extensions.

If you go to the beach or the pool, put a leave in mask in it. This way your hair is protected from color fading and sun exposure.

I love my Davines products and I love their Su line because it is perfect for this. Their hair mask is great for restoring sun-exposed or damaged hair. Anti-Aging SU replenishes softness, moisture and shine to all hair types. The Su hair milk is great for protecting hair from sun exposure. SU Milk is enhanced with UVA and UVB filters, conditioning while protecting all hair types.

Protect your hair from UV rays with the Davines SU line of remedies. Stop by my salon loft today for all your Su hair care remedies. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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