Thank you for visiting Bold City Hair! Individually owned, operated, as well as created by Rachel Yancey, this is your one stop shop. Rachel has been a working stylist since 2009 and created Bold City Hair in 2015. She specializes in luxury hair extensions of all kinds as well as hair color, balayage and foilyage, haircuts, and blow dry styles. Rachel is your Jacksonville hairstylist, Hair Extension Specialist, Certified Halo Couture Stylist, 2X Certified DreamCatchers stylist, Certified Platform Hair Extensions Stylist, Habit Salon & Bombshell Stylist Certified Stylist, and Certified SILX Global Educator.


To provide a relaxing and streamlined experience for every client to enjoy, while establishing long lasting relationships and providing both clients and community top industry trends and education. Our expertise, commitment, and professionalism allow us to provide clients the utmost beauty experience.


Rachel is an artist


Rachel is absolutely amazing. I scheduled a consultation with her and had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. She was kind, patient, friendly, and so knowledgeable about hair and extensions. I showed up for my appointment and she completely exceeded every expectation I had. She does a great job explaining what she is doing, all while making you feel totally comfortable and keeping you smiling. Rachel is an artist and you will not regret your experience with her. If you’re on the fence about extensions, or even giving her a try- just do it. She is amazing.

-Jade S.



Rachel is amazing! She has worked miracles on my hair. she was able to fix my terrible DIY quarantine mess and the time I turned it green (swimmers hair!) She always knows exactly what to do to get it back to beautiful. She’s a truly talented stylist and I always enjoy my time in her salon. I highly recommend her.

-Brittney B.

The Best!!


Let me just say that this was one of the best salon experiences I have ever had! From beginning to end was a true delight. I had hand tied extensions and color done and it turned out amazing. Rachel is so knowledgeable and took such good care of my hair and the scalp massage I received while she was washing my hair wasn’t bad either !! My hair looks fabulous and healthy. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

-Leah P.


New Biggest Fan!!!


I have gone thru several stylists/colorists over the last few years and have been left with severely damaged, brittle hair.  I have tried several different types of extensions in order to help save my hair,  I’ve even tried several different extension professionals.  my experience with Rachel was above and beyond.  When I met with her for my consult,  I briefly showed her a few pinterest pics that I liked and explained what my goals were for my natural hair as well as the extensions.  She immediately had a vision and superceded anything I expected.  She put in new extensions,  blended and corrected my color, as well as started to repair my existing hair issues.  Not only did she give me amazing hair again, but we actually had great conversation and had fun while she worked on me. I am so very happy and will be Rachel’s new biggest fan!

-Amanda O.



I’ve gone to Rachel two times now and each time I leave feeling AMAZING. I have wanted a deep auburn color for some years now, but wasn’t sure I could trust just any stylist considering I have more ethnic hair. After the first session I was concerned my hair would turn orange when fading, but it ended up a light rose gold sort of color that I LOVED. This past appointment she really toned and highlighted with an amazing red and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I also suffer from dandruff from time to time because of how often I heat treat my hair. She recommended a product that is supposed to get rid of the problem as opposed to masking it. As soon as she put it on my scalp I felt a relief that I have not felt from any other product. She has great tips for hair products as well as an excellence for leaving you feeling beautiful with silky smooth hair. Definitely recommend her!

-Kyessa G.


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Rachel Yancey is an absolutely fantastic hair stylist. Her skill, energy, and sense of professionalism know no bounds. As someone with a busy schedule, I appreciate the extent to which she goes to accommodate her clients. She can always find room to fit me in, and never rushes me while I’m in her chair. It always feels as though I have her total attention, and her commitment to the smallest detail really shows. In fact, I have never had the pleasure of visiting a stylist who was more skilled or possessed a higher level of proficiency in the entire Jacksonville, FL area. Rachel truly is that good.
Every time I find myself in her chair, the conversation flows so easily that it feels like visiting an old friend. I have never seen a request that she could not complete while exceeding expectations – she is excellent at tackling requests for special hair types, unique styles, or custom designs. In my line of work, it is important to have your hair looking perfect every time you leave the salon – and I can always count on Rachel for perfection. I offer my unreserved recommendation, but really the only way to truly understand is to experience it first-hand. Book a session today. You’ll be glad you did.

-Megan F.